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being a boyband fanatic in 1998: constantly living in fear that your favourite boyband member might be gay
being a boyband fanatic in 2013: constantly living in fear that your favourite boyband member might not be gay

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I love scenes like these, when we get to see the visceral reality of a hunter’s daily life.

favourite scene ever simply because it makes it all so much more believable

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“I need to stop falling in love with my idea of people.”
— note to self (via perfect)

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Bioluminescent plankton in Thulusdhoo, Maldives.


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8 things I learnt from partying with Harry Styles

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#and suddenly #all at once #it’s not a perfect universe anymore

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Mix of Sunset & Night Sky | Yannick Lefevre

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He wants Fall Out Boy to be “a culture. You’re going to eat, sleep
and breathe it. I want it to be a way you think about the world.”
- Pete Wentz (Rolling Stone, 2006)

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Know what’s on the menu? Me-n-u

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“Without the darkness, how would we recognise the light? Do not fear your negative thoughts; they are apart of you. They are apart of every living being. To pretend it does not exist is to create an opportunity for it to escape.”
— Tuvok [Startrek Voyager, S02E10 — Cold Fire] (via nilthing)

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#’we’ve discussed it’ #can’t you just imagine them sitting on Louis’ bed #sweets wrappers surrounding them all the way down to their toes #that just happen to be touching #the other boys are downstairs in the kitchen making food with Cher and Aiden #so they’re nowhere to be seen #and Harry and Louis have been talking about a whole lot of nothing for the past 40 minutes #until it just kind of goes quiet #and Louis leans into kiss Harry for what feels like the 100th time #(it probably is) #but they’ve never really discussed what this is that they’re doing #because that would make it real and it still doesn’t feel that way #and when they finally break apart harry falls back to look at the ceiling #and he just has to say #’I think I’m crushing on you’ #and Louis hits his leg and laughs before saying #’well duh #’ and then he falls back to lie next to harry and with the most quietest and serious voice #he says ‘but it is mutual.’ (tomlustin)

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